Michelle Savage Photography | About
Hello! My name is Michelle, and I take pictures. :) My passion for photography started a long, long time ago. In fact, I got the bug when I was just 7 years old and received a Polaroid camera. It was a magical camera! I diligently put all of those photos into albums, even as a child. My passion has continued to grow over the years, and fortunately, my equipment has matured quite a bit, too. (I still have the Polaroid albums though!)

When it comes to photography, my style can be described as candid portraiture. I believe that 'natural' photographs capture the spirit and essence of a person or family, rather than the traditional, over-posed portraits of the past. For this reason, I only use on-location backdrops, whether it be your house, backyard, or a nearby park. Sorry, no studio work here!

Photography, for me, is a means of exploring and expressing my passion, and I'm gratified by any connection that you may find in my work. Thanks for stopping by to check out my site.